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        William John Butler is a songwriter/producer from Birmingham,uk
Alternative and experimental Music

  william john butler
Welcome: On 14/04/2006 i created a Studio Band called Muzopia. under The name of  Muzopia i made Five albums and had a very large following.I closed muzopia down in 2013 while it was still going strong This is my new journey.
 I am still making music but now under my own name William john Butler (wjb) Nothing much else will change The directions i had been taking before has an endless pathway and its a place i will be travelling for ever and a day. 

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To give you a taste of my musical journey i have put together 24 tracks from muzopia (The Best of william john butler's Muzopia). The songs are the ones that got the most plays,The order is just a card shuffle and ending with (Null & Void) my last Official recording has muzopia.

The best of muzopia 1&2

  The best of muzopia  

All 12 tracks Album one http://snack.to/ahjf2phz
The best of muzopia

All 12 tracks album two http://snack.to/acn8ykt7
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